Badminto rules

badminto rules

Learn badminton rules doubles such as In and Out boundaries, doubles scoring system and faults like 'double hits'. Toss The rules of badminton states that a toss shall be conducted before a game starts. If you win, you can choose between serving first or to start play at either end. This rule is intended to prevent games dragging on too long, especially at the top level of play, where excessively long games put athletes at risk of injury. badminto rules

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About the site Contact us Privacy policy. Playing hand Left Hand Right hand. CHANGE OF ENDS 8. For the first round or game, the person who win in the coin toss will serve first. One side has only ONE attempt to retrieve the shuttle. Badminton is a sport that has been around since the 16th century. AB team need to land the shuttle inside red area boundary to score a point. The shuttle shall be hit at an upward angle and in a direction parallel to the side lines. AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Australia has won gold at the Oceania Mixed Team Championships after a victory over New Zealand at the X-TRM North Harbour Centre in Auckland today. The sport is played indoors and the pinnacle comes from its Olympic events. Played at Olympic Park, Sydney September players from 13 countries more. A shall be the initial server while C shall be the initial receiver. If shuttlecock land outside red area, it is a fault. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started. However, the strings may extend into an area which otherwise would be the throat, provided that: In a rally, the shuttle may be hit by the server and the receiver alternately, from any position on that player's side of the net, until the shuttle ceases to be in play Law You are required to win 21 points to win a set with most matches being best of 3 sets. The information here is presented as-is. You are required to win 21 points to win a set with most matches being best of 3 sets. A point can also be gained when your opponent hits the shuttlecock into either the net or outside the parameters. This tape shall rest upon the cord or cable. Prev post Next post. Playing hand Left Hand Right hand. The server shall then serve again from the alternate service court. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

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